Trips to Peru have become the favorite for millions of tourists. Get to know some of the best tourist destinations in Peru.

Peru continues to be in the eyes of the world thanks to its impressive architecture, Andean landscapes, nature reserves and fabulous museums. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy Experiential Tourism and share with friendly communities of the Peruvian jungle; you can also do trekking on the Camino Inca (Inca Trail) to Machu Picchu and adventure sports in Ica.

The top 4 trips to Perú for your vacations

Cusco & Machu Picchu

 Thanks to the last World Travel Awards Gala Ceremony, where Machu Picchu was declared the World’s Leading Tourist Attraction 2019, Cusco has become one of the most favorite places for tourists.

The city is known as “The Archaeological Capital of America” and was considered for thousands of years the capital of the Inca Empire, leaving a great cultural legacy to Peru.

Some of the main tourist attractions in Cusco are the following:

  • Machu Picchu: The ancient citadel located in a mountain at about 2430 m.a.s.l.
  • Sacsayhuaman: A spectacular fortress built with huge carved rocks.
  • Barrio de San Blas (San Blas neighborhood): Characterized by its narrow and steep streets.
  • Koricancha: “The Golden Enclosure,” where tribute to the Inca God was offered.
  • Church and Convent of Santa Catalina.
  • Ollantaytambo Inca religious center.
  • Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.
  • Pisaq archaeological center.
  • Chinhcheros town
  • Puca Pucara fortress.
  • Kenko Inca ritual site.

Arequipa and the Colca Canyon

Arequipa is well known as “The White City” due to its constructions made of white volcanic stones.

Thanks to its strategic location that divides the central and south-central Andean area, it is considered one of the most important cities in Peru.

Arequipa’s main tourist attraction is the deepest canyon in the world, the Colca Canyon. Here you can also discover the home of the condors and live an unforgettable experience. The condor is a Peruvian native bird with bluish black plumage that can measure up to 1.30 m. approximately.

In addition, the city offers a variety of natural landscapes, such as snow-capped mountains, coves, valleys and volcanoes, including the majestic Misti.

Other tourist attractions of Arequipa:

  • Volcano Valley: Formed by about 80 small volcanoes.
  • Majes Valley: Where you can find the petroglyphs of Toro Muerto.
  • Yanahuara city: Famous for its Andalusian-style churches.
  • Sabandía: Valley with the most crystalline natural waters of the region.
  • Lagunas de Mejía National Sanctuary.
  • The Santa Catalina Monastery.
  • Bosque de Piedras de Imata (Imata Stone Forest).
  • Baños termales de Yura (Yura Hot Springs Baths).
  •  Sumbay Caves.

Puno & Lago Titicaca (Lake Titicaca)

Puno is the “Folkloric Capital of Peru” thanks to its cultural richness, abundant in traditions, costumes, dances and typical songs, as well as its mysterious legends.

One of its greatest attractions is the magical Lago Titicaca, the highest in the world, which has a number of natural and artificial islands. This city is also known for its “chullpas” (archeological sites) and its churches with notable colonial architecture. When visiting Peru, this is undoubtedly an unmissable destination.

Top tourist attractions of Puno:

  • Archaeological remains of Inca Uyo or “Templo de la Fertilidad” (Temple of Fertility).
  • Sillustani archaeological complex:
  • Cutimbo archaeological complex:
  • Taquile islands, Amantaní and Uros.

The Amazon of Peru

The Amazon of Peru is one of the most wonderful places for adventure and experiential tourism.

The Peruvian Amazon is a biodiversity hotspot, with about 31 ecosystems and more than 14,000 species of animals.

An ideal place to share with the communities and to learn about their ancestral customs. You can even have contact with exotic flora and fauna in the Peruvian forests. You’ll love it from the beginning to the end!

Navigate the Amazon River and enjoy its microclimates, cloud forests, pink dolphins, orchids, Andean cocks-of-the-rock, waterfalls and nature reserves. Mysterious, natural and exotic!

The most important places in the Peruvian jungle:

  • Puerto Maldonado: Capital of Madre de Dios department, considered a privileged place for its great natural wealth.
  • Tambopata National Reserve: An ecosystem that has been in constant evolution
  • for thousands of years.
  • Manu National Park preserve the most unspoiled nature on the planet,
  • Tambopata-Candamo National Reserve: Virgin jungle full of birds and dragonflies.
  • Pampas del Heath National Sanctuary: Here you’ll find the maned wolf.
  • Iquitos: Located in the northern jungle of Peru.

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