When you have children, the places you visit must be family-friendly, and the travel packages selected must include entertainment options for the kids to have a beautiful experience.  So, we would like to share with you the best destinations for traveling to Peru with children.

1. Decameron Hotel in Punta Sal is a great place to travel to Peru.

This resort is perfect to travel to Peru and enjoy incredible sunny days with the family. The hotel package is all-inclusive, so children will be able to eat whenever they want, such as trying different desserts at lunch or dinner. They will also have fun on the beach making sand castles or playing in the pool.

2. Have an unforgettable adventure with your children traveling to Cajamarca

Cajamarca is located in the Peruvian highlands and has a wide range of tourist attractions. Granja Porcón (Porcón Farm) will be what your children will love the most, because there they will learn how to milk a cow and live a beautiful family experience by the light of a bonfire. Another place to visit is Hacienda La Collpa (Collpa estate), where you will have fun watching the cows get called by their names. Definitely a great route to make a trip to Peru.

3. Travel to Peru to enjoy the sun at the beaches of Piura

Piura is another perfect destination to have unforgettable sunny days on your trip to Peru with your children. On El Ñuro beach, you will be amazed watching sea turtles swim in beautiful turquoise waters. This can be possible by taking a boat ride out to sea to enjoy this spectacle.

4. Cusco cannot be excluded from your trip to Peru with your children

Cuzco is definitely a destination to travel to Peru you can enjoy alone, in couples, with friends or with children, as it has an infinity of tourist attractions. If you are traveling with children, it is a must that you know Machu Picchu together, besides you can also drive ATVs and have a day full of adventure.

5. Spend some days in Arequipa and enjoy your trip to Peru with your children!

If you are thinking of traveling to Peru with your children, Arequipa has several places to visit and spend fantastic family days. You can go to the Molino de Sabandía (”Sabandía Mill”) and have fun on horseback and if your children like to learn new things, at Mundo Alpaca (”Alpaca World”) they will show you how wool is transformed into beautiful coats.

If you are planning to travel with your children and still don’t know what to decide, a trip to Peru will be the best choice; there are also great family packages for you to live an unforgettable experience that makes you want to come back.

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