Peru is a country that offers you the best locations to practice adventure sports and at the same time enjoy beautiful Andean landscapes. A perfect example is the famous trekking along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

But why is Peru a good destination for adventure sports?

There are many reasons for Peru to be considered one of the best places to practice adventure sports. The most important are its geographical characteristics, in the Coast with its fabulous deserts, the Highlands and its high reliefs, as well as the magnificent jungle. They are perfect places to live experiences with a lot of adrenaline!

1.Paragliding at the Miraflores boardwalk, Lima

Lima, “The City of the Kings”, is famous for being the only capital city in South America that has access to the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, it has beautiful boardwalks and an excellent climate for paragliding.

Also, Lima has coastal districts located on a great precipice, where the city is above and the sea below. Perfect for gaining momentum and paragliding!

You can even take the opportunity to go sightseeing around Lima and get to know its churches and mansions with colonial balconies.

2. Experiential Tourism and navigating in Lake Titicaca, Puno

Lake Titicaca is a splendid place for kayaking and navigating the highest lake in the world. It will guarantee you a fantastic experience and the adrenaline will be at its peak.

Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy experiential tourism in Puno and share unforgettable moments with the friendly communities of the islands, which still preserve their ancient customs.

3. Trekking along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Cusco

Peru has the privilege of being the country with the best trekking routes, ideal for both the most intrepid as well as the least experienced people.

In this way, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one of the most preferred by tourists. A paradise for hikers!

The route of the Incas also includes campsites where adventure is guaranteed. In fact, on the walk you will see beautiful ecosystems, archeological sites and landscapes rich in flora and fauna.

4. Adventure sports in Ica

Ica is one of the cities with more spots for adventure sports for all ages. For example, you can practice rafting or canoeing on inflatable rafts driven by oars over the rivers.

You can also go sandboarding and take a buggy ride in the Huacachina desert. The popular sandrails that speedily ride over the dunes.

5. Surfing on the northern beaches of Peru

Peru’s beaches are well known by surfing experts, as they have all the qualities to surf all year round.

The waves are permanent and even the north coast offers its famous “floods” between the months of October and March.

Among the best beaches there are the following: Lobitos, Cabo Blanco, Chicama, Pacasmayo, Huanchaco, Los Órganos, Pimentel, etc.

Other adventure sports you can also practice in Peru

  • Mountaineering in the Andean Mountain Range and in the Colca Canyon in Arequipa.
  • Trekking on the route of the Rainbow Mountain.
  • Canoeing in the Vilcanota River.
  • Kitesurfing.
  • Andinism.
  • Cycling.

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