Touristic Alternatives Around Lima - Trip Peru

Ecotourism, adventure, archeology and history are only some of the options that you’ll find around Lima, as we can’t stop being amazed by the great variety of tourism options there is.

For example, Pachacamac is a destination worth discovering,  only half and hour away from Lima this important Archaeological Sanctuary is raised, some of the attractions here are the North South street, the ramp pyramids, the “adobitos” (little adobes) complex, the Pachacamac painted Temple and the Sun Temple.

The On Site Museum presents historic and geographical data, textiles, vases and other pre-hispanic ornaments stand out.

Also, if you want to enjoy ecotourism and adventure, then the Lomas de Lucumo are worth visiting, on them you will find fresh air, nature and adventure. Its located of the town of Quebrada Verde and offers the visitors activities such as trekking, bicycling, rappel, rock climbing and camping.

Don’t miss out on enjoying a different kind of tourism. This adventure is well worth it.

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Touristic Alternatives Around Lima - Trip Peru

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Touristic Alternatives Around Lima - Trip Peru


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Touristic Alternatives Around Lima - Trip Peru

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Touristic Alternatives Around Lima - Trip Peru

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Touristic Alternatives Around Lima - Trip Peru

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