Christmas and New Day are celebrated all over the world, both of which are long awaited by millions of people. In addition, these are the best excuses to pack your bags and travel to visit your family or to find an ideal destination for these dates. If you want to have a good trip, take into account these tips when planning your trip to Peru for Christmas and New Year.

1. Choose the Perfect Destination for Your Trip to Peru

First, you must find the perfect destination to spend Christmas and New Year’s Day in Peru. In Peru, you have many options to have a great time with your family or friends. For example, if your family loves nature, the Peruvian Amazon is a good choice; or if they enjoy sun and beach, there are wonderful beaches on the  Peruvian coast. You should also look for information on the activities available in these places, so you can plan a better tour.

2. Make Reservations Beforehand for Your Trip to Peru

If you have already chosen your next trip to Peru, it is time to make reservations well in advance. Remember that a lot of people travel on these dates. This demand makes flight tickets, bus tickets, hotels, and tourist packages, much more expensive. It is advisable to book it 2 months in advance for you to find more affordable prices and avoid complications. 

 3. Make Your Online Check-in On Time

Now, it’s time to check in to avoid any inconvenience with our trip to Peru. Following this step will not only avoid problems at the airport, but will also save you money. This will be an easier way to start your trip and have a good time this holiday season in Peru. 

4. Pack Your Bags Well in Advance Before Your Trip to Peru

What if the day of our trip arrives and we still don’t have our baggage ready? It would be a big mistake, since we can forget many things for our trip. So prepare your bags in good time and only pack the things you need for your trip, so you won’t have to carry extra luggage. On the other hand, it is important to know the best season to travel to Peru, and to see what kind of clothes to bring, according to that. 

5. Get to the Airport Early 

Airports are crowded with passengers around the holidays and New Year. That’s why we recommend you to get there early. Airlines usually specify to be there 2 or 3 hours before the flight. Moreover, you will be sure to have everything under control to enjoy your trip.

6. Have Cell Phone Chargers On Hand

We know that your cell phone will be very important to you, whether to present your boarding pass at the airport or to see your travel route. What if you have no battery? Remember that by those dates all the cell phone chargers at the airport will be already in use due to high demand. So take your precautions and keep a portable charger on hand, so you can enjoy your phone, whether taking pictures or viewing information from your trip, with no problem. 

7. Traveling with Children? No problem, just take your precautions.

If you are traveling with children, it is important to make sure that they don’t get bored during the trip and you won’t have so many worries. For example, you can bring toys, electronic devices such as tablets, with music for them to enjoy, so you can relax them during your trip. Also, it is advisable to carry some cookies, juices and a clothing set. 

8. Take Water With You to Avoid Discomfort During Your Trip to Peru 

We know you are excited about your trip to Peru and even more when you travel close to Christmas and New Year. However, we can suffer some inconveniences such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. So we recommend you to carry a bottle of water as it is worthwhile to be prepared. Besides, if you travel with children, it will be more important to have water to avoid any discomfort. 

9. Get Maps and City Guides. 

Imagine that your roaming service does not work very well in Peru. Maybe it would be a little more difficult to find some places to visit, and therefore, you may feel frustrated. So we recommend you take a couple of maps or city guides with you to find the tourist places; this way, you’ll not miss anything during your holidays, and you can enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

10. Take Precautions to Avoid Losing your Baggage.

Many times, we travel to Peru to visit our family and want to bring some gifts. But, as we mentioned above, there can be some inconveniences at airports, such as the loss of baggage. So, take precautions to avoid losing your baggage. For that, you can use a card or a badge to identify it.

So, if you have already planned your next trip to Peru, apply these 10 tips for traveling at Christmas and New Year to enjoy your holidays. At Trip Perú, one of the best travel agencies in Lima, we have the best travel packages for this holidays. For more information Please contact us 

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