Cocoa is one of the most valued beans in Peru, since it charms and fascinates thousands of Peruvians and foreigners due its original flavor. This cocoa is used to produce the most delicious chocolates.

Besides, it’s a great remedy to avoid diseases, and improve our mood. So, keep reading to learn about the 10 benefits and properties of Peruvian cocoa. 

1. It Improves Our Mood

Have you heard that chocolate makes you happier? Well, cocoa has natural substances such as the amino acid tryptophan, which stimulates serotonin, known as the hormone of happiness.

This way, it is possible to improve our mood and reduce stress levels. In addition, it has phenylethylamine, the substance we produce when we fall in love. So, definitely, eating cocoa makes you happier

2. It Reduces and Prevents Diseases

Just like you read it. Eating cocoa reduces the risk of developing diseases such as liver cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, colon cancer, and even cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The secret of this magic bean lies in its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which improve our health. 

3. Improves Our Blood Pressure Levels 

If you suffer from very high blood pressure, eating dark chocolate, based on cocoa, is one of the best remedies, because this Peruvian product allows the arteries to relax, and therefore, it reduces the resistance to blood flow. Thus, it controls blood pressure, which helps to have a better life quality. 

4. It Is a Nutritive Ingredient for our Diet

The best news are that cocoa is a highly nutritious food, and it can be included in our diet. But, it is only necessary to have 40% of cocoa in our diet. So, in short, its nutrients are good for our body. 

5. It Improves Concentration and Memory

Sometimes people tend to lose their concentration and memory, due to factors such as aging; the best remedy for these problems is cocoa. This Peruvian food has a great amount of minerals, magnesium and soluble fiber that allow to improve the concentration and the memory. 

6. It Provides More Hydration to our Skin and Hair 

Cocoa is a great ally of beauty and hydration of skin and hair. Nowadays, this food is highly valued for its components that help us have healthy and hydrated hair. Also, it improves and hydrates our skin thanks to its flavonoid content, which allows the skin to be more resistant to UVA rays, and reduces cellulite. 

7. It Improves the Health of Our Muscles and Bones

If you are surprised by the properties of cocoa, we still have more information about this powerful Peruvian food. Cacao has many minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which allow us to improve the health of our bones and muscles. This is also why it is considered a product with high nutritional qualities. 

8. It Prevents Constipation 

As we can see, cocoa has great components which are important for our health.
It is also high in fiber, which helps to tone and improve the digestive system, and thus avoid constipation.

9. It is Perfect for Reducing Cholesterol Levels

Nowadays, many people suffer from high cholesterol, and most of them are young people. To avoid this problem, consumption of cocoa or dark chocolate is perfect for reducing bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and increasing good cholesterol. This is because this product has great antioxidant properties

10. It Is a Great Source of Energy

If you are one of those people who loves adventure sports, or some kind of intense physical activity, cocoa is one of the foods that can provide a great source of energy needed to be always active, so you can have a good performance in all your sports activities.

Cocoa is one of the best beans produced in several cities in Peru, such as Cusco, Cajamarca, Ucayali, and parts of the Peruvian Amazon. Enjoy all the varieties of cocoa beans grown in Peru. At Trip Peru, one of the best travel agencies in Lima, we have the best travel packages to discover the home of Peruvian cocoa. For more information Please contact us 

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