We are close to the summer 2020, and Peru is one of the best destinations for surfers. In northern Peru we can find the 6 best beaches for surfing this summer, and fall in love with the nature of the Peruvian coast. 

1. Mancora, the Beach Par Excellence

Mancora is one of the best beaches of Piura, located in the Peruvian coast, which delight thousands of tourists due to the diversity of its landscapes, food and people. Besides, it is one of the best beaches for surfing, since it has waves of up to 2.50m. It is perfect for beginners and offers surfing schools. 

2. Los Órganos, Piura

When we talk about Los Organos beach, we are talking about the waves and the peace we can find there. As you may have noticed, Piura is one of the Peruvian cities with the best beaches for this sport. Here, we can find waves up to 3m. To discover this beautiful beach, you should choose a good travel agency.

3. Cabo Blanco, Piura

Cabo Blanco is a very famous beach, known by surfers for its long and perfect tube rides. Besides, you can find waves up to 3 meters high. It is advisable to get there early in the morning, as this is a very popular beach. You must be aware that the waves are rough, so it is recommended that only those with advanced experience surf. 

4. Lobitos, Located in the Heart of Talara

The waves at Lobitos are some of the best in Peru, and there’s where professional surfers come. It is located in Talara, one of the provinces of Piura, and is a favorite beach for thousands of tourists. In addition, it has been the location of world surfing championships, and has the perfect waves for wonderful maneuvers. 

5. Chicama, the Best Beach for Surfing in Peru 

Chicama beach, located in Trujillo, is considered one of the best beaches for surfing in Peru. Its waves reach almost 2 km long, and it is considered the beach with the biggest ones. When the wind blows back, it turns into a perfect wave. It is also very popular during the summer and gathers thousands of tourists. 

6. Pico Alto, Located in Punta Hermosa, Lima

This beach is well known for its giant waves, which can reach up to 10 meters high. These waves are surfed by professionals, since it takes experience and practice to ride them. Besides, in summer, it is the favorite place for thousands of swimmers, because of its warm water.

If you want to find the best beaches for surfing this summer 2020 in Peru, then book your travel package to discover the Treasures of Northern Peru. Trip Peru, one of the best travel agencies in Lima, has the best destinations in the Peruvian coast, and you can enjoy your holidays in wonderful beaches. For more information Please contact us 

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