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Lima department is located in the central and western area of the country. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on the left and the Highland Andes on the right.

Lima city is the capital of Peru, and one of the most important in South America and considered Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO.

Lima City known as “City of the Kings” was founded on January 18th, 1535, by Francisco Pizarro the conqueror, because of the great strategy and geographical conditions.

    • Main Square (located in the same place where Francisco Pizarro the conqueror founded it). On one side is the Government Palace, the Cathedral and the Municipality.
    • Churches and Monasteries. San Francisco, Santo Domingo, La Merced, Las Nazarenas, San Pedro, San Agustín, Los Descalzos, San Marcelo and Santa Rosa, many of them are more than 300 years old and contain corpses of saints from Lima, beautiful sculptures, carvings and pictures that are very valuable.
    • Museums and Old Houses like Torre Tagle, Pilatos House, Osambela Palace, National Museum, National Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, National Museum of History, Gold Museum of Peru, Amano Museum, Italian Art Museum, Art Museum, Larco Herrera Museum, that shows not only colonial architecture beautifulness and are the place for public institutions but also permit the visitor to appreciate the complete history of the country, from the Inca Empire until our days. In the different places millenary ceramics are shown, prehispanical gold samples, colonial and republican silvery.
    • Archaeological Areas like Huallamarca and Pucllana located in the centre of modern districts like San Isidro and Miraflores, with local museums that are very attractive for the visitors.
    • Pachacamac, Preinca Temple built with adobe with many levels, halls and labyrinths. It has a modern museum where archaeological samples found during the digs are shown. It is located 33 kilometers from the capital and near to the most beautiful south beaches.
  • Gastronomy, Lima offers a wide variety of restaurants and bars where you can taste not only he local food and drinks but the international too, being the Peruvian cuisine widely known like one of the bests in the world. Lima has been declared Gastronomical Capital of Latin America in the Fourth International Reunion Madrid Fusion 2006.

   Altitude and Weather

Altitude: 133 msnm.

Weather: From November to April is warm. From May to September is cool and humid.

Temperature: from 76 to 60 ºF – from 25 to 15ºC approximately.

Raining season: slight drizzle from June to October.

   Typical Dishes and Drinks

Because it is close to the ocean, the main dishes in Lima contain fish and seafood. For example the famous ceviche, escabeche, conchitas a la parmesana and shrimp cocktail. Other well known dishes in Lima are cau-cau, anticuchos, and aji de gallina.

There are also typical desserts like mazamorra morada, picarones, suspiro a la limeña, arroz con leche and Doña Pepa turrón. Among the refreshing drinks we recommend chicha morada and about appetizers, we recommend the international pisco sour, cocktail that contains pisco, Peruvian lemon and sugar.


  • From January 12 to 19: Lima week is celebrated, remembering the foundation back on January 18th 1535 by Francisco Pizarro, with cultural activities, artistic, parades and a variety of open air shows.
  • Fourth week in march. Surco vendimia. In this district of great winery tradition, queens are elected and different activities are organized.
  • Holy week. During these days Lima shows a quiet spiritual behaviour remembering Jesus Christ. Many religious activities in different places in the city.
  • Third week in may. National contest of dancing horses in touristic centre in Pachacamac. The exhibition of these animals coming fro the finest Arabic horses and who acquired a very special style when walking.
  • July 28th and 29th. Fiestas Patrias are official activities like Military parades, Te Deum, important horses racing in Monterrico Hippodrome. At the same time Feria del Hogar and Feria de la Molina are opened and present the most famous artists from abroad and exposes different products.
  • August 30. Santa Rosa de Lima. Trip to Quives, district of Canta Province, where the saint from Lima used to live. In the capital, the monastery is visited and devoted people write a wish to be thrown to a hole.
  • Month of Sr. de Los Milagros, city lord. On October 18, 19 and 28 have the biggest activities religious faith is shown in front of the holy image painted back in 1650 and continuous intact because of the years, earthquakes and other disasters are also shown on different days, taking the basement on a trailer to far places from the city.
  • Between the end of October and November, it opens la Feria del Señor de los Milagros, bullfighting season in Acho Square, built by a viceroy more than 200 years abroad, in which the best toreros of the world participate.

Peru Tours: Discover Lima

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