Yachaq that waits in the Highlands - trip peru

The origin, and therefore the original, awaits those that dare to travel, riding a donkey, to the five towns in Cusco, between Lamay and Pisac, above 3800 masl (12467 fasl) to meet the Andean elders that interpret the future in the geometric shapes of their “chullos” (Andean hat), in which they have weaved the sowing cycles, the winding rivers, shrews and planets.

From the city of Cusco, passing through Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, across the Sacred Valley and Pisac archaeological park, you can get to the land of the Yachaqa (wise men in Quechua), as the communities of Amaru, Huayllafara, Huchuy Qosqo, Chumpe and Janac Chuquibamba are called. They continue to have their organization by “ayllus”, as to show how much their value their pre Columbian traditions.

Our ancestors have been living in this valley for ten thousand years, cultivating white corn, the biggest in the world.

Each step in this “ayllu” has a different touch, the walk to the foot of the mountain is joined by a Pusay, and the women that live here put flowers on every visitor’s head, stroking them with good wishes.

Up there a different kind of “pachamanca”, ritual, with godfathers and prayers, the potatoes of this area have been sowed following the discipline of the ecological floors.

Honors and prayers are given to the Huanacaure Mountain and then other “Apus” (God Mountains) with the rigorously chosen coca leaves.

It starts with the “pachamanca” ritual, first pieces of cheese wrapped as “humitas” (sweet tamales) are buried, and then lima beans covered with grass and on top the hot rocks, after a board as a blanket is laid on top, before putting the meats and potatoes, as appetizing meteorites. The men put the rocks and the women the food in innate synchronicity.

We invite you to visit these lands, where you can meet the Yachaqp, the Quechua elders that cultivate and weave the sacred geometry.

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Yachaq that waits in the Highlands - trip peru


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Yachaq that waits in the Highlands - trip peru

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Yachaq that waits in the Highlands - trip peru


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Yachaq that waits in the Highlands - trip peru

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Yachaq that waits in the Highlands - trip peru

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Yachaq that waits in the Highlands - trip peru

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