When planning a travel to Peru, we always need to be informed to avoid setbacks. So, we must consider the climate of Peru, because, just as there is a lot of ecological diversity, there is also a large variety of climates, since it has over 90 microclimates throughout the country.

For this reason, when landing in Cusco thousands of tourists get surprised that the climate is so different from Lima. First, you should know that Peru is divided into three regions known as Coast, Highlands and Jungle. That is why we tell you about the weather in each region, so you can feel safe when packing.

Coast, the Region of Warm Temperatures Almost All Year Round

The coast is one of the best places to visit, as it has a warm weather all year round, without a feeling of suffocating heat or extreme cold.

  • Winter at the coast: You must take into account that during the winter weather is humid at the coast, and it is recommendable to wear clothing that protects you from the humidity, as it can produce a thermal sensation of cold.
  • Summer at the coast: During this season, the weather on the coast can reach 35°C and you can feel the highest heat levels from noon to afternoon. However, in summer mornings, there may be some fog, but as the hours go by, it gradually clears up.

Spring at the coast (November and December): There is rainfall on the coast during these months and there are few precipitations. Sometimes heavy rains can make rivers overflow, so you should consider this detail if you don’t want to have any complications.

If traveling in Peru is one of your alternatives, you should consider these places to learn more about

The Highlands Are Known for the ‘Friaje’ (Cold Winds Phenomenon) of the Andes

In the Peruvian highlands, there are many places like Machu Picchu that are annually visited by thousands of tourists. This region known for having many mountains is formed by the Andes (Andean Mountain Range). Weather in this region is very diverse  but most of it is cold. However, you must know that there are two predominant seasons in the mountains:

  • Summer at the highlands (April to October) If you are planning to visit some place in the Peruvian highlands you should be aware that during these months it is sunny in the day, but nights are cold and with little rain. This is one of the perfect seasons to visit the most popular places in Peru. 
  • Winter at the highlands (November to March): During this season there are heavy rains. During the day temperatures can reach 24°C, and at night temperatures can drop to -3°C. So take the necessary precautions to choose the best clothes for your trip. 

You can’t miss all what Peruvian highlands have to offer, from deep-rooted local customs and folklore, to places that can disconnect you from the world for a moment. These are the most visited places in the Peruvian Andean region:

The Jungle, the Place to Enjoy the Best Tropical Climate 

Peru has a vast area of vegetation, and is located in the Amazon. Many tourists choose to visit this place for the enchanting nature, because you can find sites to disconnect from the world, and appreciate the beauty of earth, all in one place. However, you should take all the necessary precautions in the following seasons: 

  • November to March: During these months, the climate in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest shows abundant rains, and this can lead to the overflow of rivers and complications on the roads. 
  • April to October: These months there are less tropical rains, which would be the best for your trip, if you want to explore the Amazon with any inconvenience. 
  • May and August: In spite of the good weather between April and October, you must be aware that, in May and August, the phenomenon of friaje can arise, making the temperature drop to 8°C or even -12°C. 

If you are planning to travel to Peru and visit the Amazon, we recommend the following places to get delighted with the beauty of the country: 

Take your previsions, and plan the date of your trip to avoid any inconvenience. You can count on us as one of the best travel agencies, so we can asist you in planning your next trip to Peru. 

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