Peru is one of the best countries regarding to nature, good food, and many other features. That attracts millions of tourists to travel around Peru to discover by their own experience what this South American country is like. 

In addition, this country has many traditions and customs, which are quite peculiar compared to other parts of the world. If you are planning to travel to Peru, you must know these 10 interesting facts.

That call the attention of millions of people, and that will help you have a better trip experience in this Andean country. 

1. It Has Over 90 Micro-Climates

When you are planning your trip to Peru, and ask some people what the weather is like in this country, surely the answer will be: “It depends”.

Well, in this country, there are over 90 micro-climates, which means that it varies depending on where you go. Maybe if you go to Cusco it would be raining, or if you go to the Peruvian jungle, it would be raining too, but it is very hot. 

So, take the necessary precautions to know the local climate of the place you are going to visit. If you need help, please contact us. 

 2. The Yellow Drink that Everybody Loves

A very interesting fact about Peru is that almost everyone enjoys a yellow drink called Inka Kola. Coca Cola is not the popular drink here, as it is in the United States or other countries of the world.

For many tourists, Inka Kola usually tastes like chewing gum the first time, but then they start to enjoy it. So, if you see an Inka Kola somewhere in Peru, taste it!

3. It Has the Oldest University in America

This may be a fact of general culture, but it is something you should know, as it is part of the history of Peru. In this country is the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, the oldest university in America. It was founded on May 12, 1551, and it is still active today.

4. It Is the World’s Sixth-Largest Gold Producing Country

Low-cost trips to Peru allow millions of tourists to visit us for many reasons, and one of them is that this country is the world’ s sixth largest gold producing country. Here, visitors can find the lowest gold price. The other countries at the top of the list are China, Australia, Russia and the United States. So, you have one more reason to make a trip to Peru. 

5. There’s a Dog Originally From Peru

If you are a doglover, Peru also has its own dog breed, which is known by Peruvians as the ’perro calato’ (‘naked dog’) or ‘perro peruano’ (‘Peruvian dog’), because it has no hair at all.

It is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, and in 2001 was declared National Heritage of Peru. Their fame is such that they have been found buried in royal Inca tombs, as they are considered an ideal pet for allergy sufferers. 

So, if you see a ‘naked dog’, don’t miss the chance to take a picture with him, because this dog has a lot of history. 

6. Most of the Streets Are Called “Jirón”

If you don’t want to get lost in Peru, this is something you should consider and learn, so you can understand the addresses wherever you go. You’ll see many street name signs like ‘Jr. De la Unión’, or ‘Jr. Cusco’, which can be confusing for many tourists, especially for Americans, as they get to confuse it with the abbreviation of  ‘junior’. 

But don’t be confused, Peruvians have the custom of calling all small streets “Jirón”. So, if you read in any street sign, a name starting with “Jr.”, you will know that it means “street” or “walkway”. 

7. It Is the Second Country with the Largest Amazon Rainforest

If you are one of those people looking for a place rich in nature and fresh clean air, who loves the sound of animals and the green world, Peru has a special spot for you. The Amazon jungle can offer you to enjoy all nature in a peaceful space. Almost 60% of the country is covered by the rainforest, which helps to have a purer air. 

8. It Has the Deepest Canyon in America

If you thought the Grand Canyon located in Arizona, United States was immense, you should visit the Grand Canyon of Colca, located in Arequipa, Peru. This place has more than 4160 meters deep, surpassing the 800 meters deep of the Grand Canyon. So, if you stop by Arequipa do not miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful place full of nature. 

9. They Eat Guinea Pig (‘Cuy’) 

In many countries, guinea pigs are considered as pets, just like cats or dogs, but Peru has a different custom. Don’t be surprised if you are in a Peruvian restaurant and when you read the menu it says ”Cuy”, because Peruvians use to eat guinea pigs frequently. More than 65 million guinea pigs are consumed here each year, and its taste is pleasant to thousands of tourists. 

10. It Has One of the Oldest Inca Cities

When you tell your friends or family that you are traveling to Peru, they definitely encourage you to visit Machu Picchu. And there are many reasons that will convince you.

This is one of the 7 wonders of the world, and is visited by millions of tourists a year. But few people know that it is one of the oldest cities in the world.

And we give you a curious fact, everyone sees the typical image of the green mountains, but by turning it to the left side, you can see the profile of a man, which is said to be built for an Inca. 

Don’t wait any longer to get to know the best of Peru. We are travel agency  that offers the best experience, and the best prices. Contact us for more information. 

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