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When the archaeologist Gladys Paz, one of the people that patiently works on the Huaca Pucllana in Miraflores, found a week ago a perfectly built adobe roof, she knew this was a special finding. She had discovered an archaeological context (tomb and mummies) from the Wari culture that hadn’t been raided by “huaqueros” (tomb raiders), even though it has been buried in this area since the year 850 B.C.

“On top of its perfect conservation state, this discovery stands out due to the fact that along with the main mummy, other three secondary mummies were found, that according to their weight and size, might be infants. It is probable that they had been sacrificed, which demonstrates that the individual belonged to the Wari elite”.

The tomb that was found is semicircular and contains a bundle with a diameter of 1.30m (4.2 ft) and a height of 1.40m (4.6 ft), including the false head made out of fabric. “We can’t still determine the gender or age of the person, but it is presumed that it was a woman due to the presence of weaving instruments on the offerings”.

The Huaca Pucllana, which main structure is a pyramid 25m (82 ft) high, belonged to the beginning of the Lima culture. However, when it disappeared, in the year 650 B.C, it becomes a cemetery for the Wari, who conquered Lima.

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Entierros Wari - Trip Peru

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Entierros Wari - Trip Peru

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Entierros Wari - Trip Peru

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Entierros Wari - Trip Peru

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Entierros Wari - Trip Peru

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Entierros Wari - Trip Peru

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