Declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO committee, the Sacred City of Caral stand out due to its complex architecture, its organization and its age. Is located on the Supe Valley, 200 kilometers (125 miles) north of Lima.

It was also called the “City of Pyramids”, due to the 6 pyramidal buildings located deep in the valley. The architectural structures were designed taking in consideration the great plazas and open spaces.

The state was established as a central government, with a social system based on the “ayllu”, and using religion as a mean to affirmation. The archaeological remains show evidence of this, such as the fires for offerings, cults and ceremonies and rituals on its temples, public spaces and houses. The organizational model would be adopted later on by other civilizations such as the Inca Empire.

The Sacred City is around 5000 years old, being the most ancient civilization in the american continent. Comparable to other civilization centers as old as Mesopotamia, China, India and Egypt.

The Sacred City of Caral or “Chupacigarro Grande” is part of the ancient tourist atractions to visit while in the Lima region, Peru.

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