Arequipa - trip peru

The name comes from the Quechua “Ari-que-pay” which means “Yes, stay”. Arequipa is located on the point where the Andean central area and the central Andean south are divided. It was founded on August 15th, 1540 by Manuel Garcia de Carbajal.

Arequipa or the “White City”, called this due to the predominance of constructions of sillar stone, petrified volcanic lava material between white and pearl that when hit by the sun shines with a magnificent aura. Reason why the city shows a beautiful architecture based of sillar, landscapes and envy worthy vineyards.

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Arequipa - trip peru


This time we have prepared a presentation with some of the diverse destinations that you could visit in Peru. A compilation of wonderful places and a sample of some of the features of this mythical country. We hope you like it.

Arequipa - trip peru


Located 5 kilometers (3.10 miles) away from the city, a perfect oasis surrounded by dunes and palm trees. A unique landscape known for the medicinal properties of its waters. Travel Information About Ica

Arequipa - trip peru

Best of Peru

In our interest on showing you different destinations in Peru and all of its natural and cultural richness, we have uploaded some videos on different serves, so that you can find them on your preferred video streamer.