brother ayar - trip peru

The story tells that Capc Toco, one of the three windows of the Pacaritambo cave, in the Tampu Tocco mountain (northeast of Cusco), four young men and for young women appeared, their sisters and wives. Ayar Manco and his wife Mama Ocllo; Ayar Cachi and Mama Cora; Ayar Uchu and Mama Rahua and finally Ayar Auca and his wife Mama Huaco.

Looking at the devastated land and the poverty of its people, they decided to go out looking for a better place and with them they took ten ayllus, heading southeast.

Ayar Cachi was the strongest one and every slingshot he took formed a valley or knocked down a mountain, alarming the brothers with his great power. Fearful, they convinced him to return to Tampu Tocco in search for the gold vases called topacusi and seeds. They followed him and once Ayar Cachi entered the cave they blocked it with big rocks, telling him that he will be in there forever. When he heard this, Ayar Cachi screamed so loudly that the earth trembled, breaking mountains in two and making the skies shiver.

They continued their way until they found in front of them a winged Ayar Cachi that pose like a gigantic condor, on the top of the Tampu Quiro mountain and ordered them to found Cusco there.

Then they continued to the Huanacaure hill, until one day they saw a rainbow which ends rested on top of the same hill. Ayar Manco told his siblings that it was a good omen and from that hill they will be able to see the place where they will settle.

On the way to the hill they found a huaca (temple) and sent Ayar Uchu to destroy it, but when he did so he turned to stone, while asking his siblings to remember him on the Huarochico ceremony.

The saddened brothers continued their way and went down to the foot of the hill, near the Cusco valley. Ayar Manco sent Ayar Auca to take possession of the place that they were going to populate. Ayar Auca, who is being said grew wings, flew to the indicated site and as he landed he turned to stone as well.

The only ones left where Ayar Manco and his sisters, who then established in Cusco, where the powerful and admirable Inca Empire was founded.

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brother ayar - trip peru

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brother ayar - trip peru

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brother ayar - trip peru

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brother ayar - trip peru

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