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In Peruvian mythology you can usually find stories that have been retold to such extent that they suffer small variations and nowadays they turn out to belong not to one but to multiple villages, and it’s hard to define their origin. One of these stories is the one we’ll tell you about now… and we […]


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The white city of Arequipa, on top of being known for its colonial architecture, beautiful landscapes and impressive volcanoes, is also the cradle of one of the most varied and tasty cuisines in Peru. Arequipa provides to the already renowned Peruvian cuisine, those ancient recipes and the unparallel flavor that are the delight of thousands […]

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The treasures of Puno city

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The city of Puno hides many treasures to discover which you can reach by other routes and roads that will allow you to visit that part of the Altiplano away from the Titicaca and along the Andes mountain range, in it you will be able to discover magical villages full of stories and natural surroundings […]

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This time we have prepared a presentation with some of the diverse destinations that you could visit in Peru. A compilation of wonderful places and a sample of some of the features of this mythical country. We hope you like it. http://www.trip-peru.com/



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A legend from the jungle of Peru tells that the Mayantu is a kind of elf with the face of a toad that lives on the high part of the jungle. It lives on gigantic trees that house its colossal figure which mimic to the bark of the trees. This character has the particularity of […]

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Weddings in Altitude

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More and more tourists that visit Peru and especially Luxury tourists are interested in celebrating weddings Inca style at the Machu Picchu citadel. The couples that visit the citadel on Honeymoon wish to celebrate an “ARAC MASIN” (Andean wedding), a ritual in which couples join their souls and energy, this type of ceremony is celebrated […]



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The Trujillo Gastronomy Festival, called “Passion for food” will be held during July 17th and 18th to commemorate one of the most vigorous cuisines of Peruvian gastronomy, in which Spanish cuisine and Chimu and Moche cultures contributions merge to create dishes worthy of the most exquisite palates, such as “arroz con pato”, “seco de cabrito”, […]