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Luxury Tourism in Peru

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The arrival in Peru of foreigners willing to spend on the best luxury hotels there are has increased 50% in the last years, thanks to the services of emblematic gourmet restaurants that characterize the gastronomical tourism, according to Jacqueline Vargas Fort, general manager of the DCO Suites, Lounge & Spa Hotel. “The visitor accepts the […]

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For that altitude sickness

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On a previous post we gave you some tips to be taken in consideration before visiting a place in altitude, now we are bringing you some additional recommendations that will help you while visiting some of Peru’s destinations in altitude. Is is well known that nobody likes to travel and having the whole trip ruined […]


Places to Discover – Pisaq

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Located 33km (20.5 miles) from Cusco city, and at the entrance of the Sacred Valley, you will find the town of Pisaq, usually known by its artisan fairs. However, Pisaq also has one of the most beautiful and important archaeological complexes of the valley, a place that many, on their hurry to get to Machu […]

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Important tips for your Trip to Peru

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TRANSPORTATION By air There’s flight and connections from Lima to all main cities within Peru except Huancayo, Huaraz and Ica; which can be accesses by inter provincial buses. Always make reservations ahead of time. Airport Tax (T.U.U.A) Domestic flights: USD 6.82 International flights: USD 35.00 These payments must be done in cash before boarding the […]

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For the agricultural and sedentary towns, water has been the most important element. Due to this importance, these type of societies have controlled water, determining the accumulation of power and the social transformation in militarized and salve like systems with a vertical model of castes. In addition to this there’s the adoration of water as […]

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From some time ago visitors are looking to the outsides of Cusco city and have found great options to see new places. Even though these magical places have great historical and archaeological potential, their gastronomy can also give to your trip the precise seasoning that will make it unforgettable. If what you are looking for […]