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Gastronomy from the north of Peru

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Beyond the gold and the splendor of the great Inca cultures, the astonishing adobe pyramids and the legions of caballitos de totora (reed boats) thrown into the ocean, the true treasure of the ancient Moche, Lambayeque and Chimu rulers was their food. The sole invention fo the zapallo loche (indigenous squash) is more valuable than […]

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The Moche Museum

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A few minutes from the Huaca de la Luna (Moon Temple) you can find one of the place that caught the attention in Trujillo this year, we are talking about to the Huacas de Moche site museum. An space dedicated to show the conservation and study of the elements of this ancient culture, that added […]



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The Trujillo Gastronomy Festival, called “Passion for food” will be held during July 17th and 18th to commemorate one of the most vigorous cuisines of Peruvian gastronomy, in which Spanish cuisine and Chimu and Moche cultures contributions merge to create dishes worthy of the most exquisite palates, such as “arroz con pato”, “seco de cabrito”, […]