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Gastronomy at the Best of Lima

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Lima, the capital of Peru, has become nowadays in the Latin American capital of flavor, a place where all the ingredients this wonderful land has given us have come together with the best of the world cuisine and created a true mixture of flavors. The history of our gastronomy dates back thousands of years ago, […]


The Sacred city of Caral

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Declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO committee, the Sacred City of Caral stand out due to its complex architecture, its organization and its age. Is located on the Supe Valley, 200 kilometers (125 miles) north of Lima. It was also called the “City of Pyramids”, due to the 6 pyramidal buildings located deep in […]


Paragliding in Lima

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In addition to its classic tours oriented to show its colonial architecture, Lima also has to offer some recreational activities that don’t take a lot of time. Among them is common to find the tandem paragliding. There are two main landing zones in Lima: the Raimondi Park in Miraflores and the Gandhi Park in San […]


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The diversity of cuisine style, new creations, fusions, etc, have made Lima, the capital of Peru, to be considered the gastronomical capital of South America, this due to a culinary tradition inherited from pre-Hispanic and colonial times, this in addition to the contribution of the best cuisines in the world such as the Occidental and […]


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A very interesting alternative to visitors in Lima, the capital of Peru are the biking tours that show you Lima on an entertaining and interesting way. These Tours in Lima visit the most traditional and characteristic places of this fascinating city, joined by experienced guides willing to share tips and interesting information to enjoy your […]