Paragliding in Lima

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In addition to its classic tours oriented to show its colonial architecture, Lima also has to offer some recreational activities that don’t take a lot of time. Among them is common to find the tandem paragliding. There are two main landing zones in Lima: the Raimondi Park in Miraflores and the Gandhi Park in San […]

Adventure - Trip Peru

Adventure in Peru

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Whether your clients prefer their adrenalin kick on water, mountains or sand, Peru offers plenty of opportunities for travelers wanting adventure. One of the most challenging activities is hiking the legendary Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu, part of a vast network of trails built by the Incas. There are various options, with different starting […]



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In Peruvian mythology you can usually find stories that have been retold to such extent that they suffer small variations and nowadays they turn out to belong not to one but to multiple villages, and it’s hard to define their origin. One of these stories is the one we’ll tell you about now… and we […]

Puno - Trip Peru


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The city of Puno hides many treasures to discover which you can reach by other routes and roads that will allow you to visit that part of the Altiplano away from the Titicaca and along the Andes mountain range, in it you will be able to discover magical villages full of stories and natural surroundings […]