Rupac (which means that one that lights up in Quechua) belongs to the Atahuallos culture and its practically unknown despite of its magnificent architecture, around fifty building in good condition, the same thing happens with the citadels close by such as Añay and Chiprac.

The warm sunrise always bathes the ancient rocks of this citadel before any surrounding area, seduction and mystery in the purest of ways. The sun enters just like spurs on the cracks of the flat and polished stones of this marvelous complex as if it was a chant and an millennial enigma.

Truth be told, the traces of the Wari Tiahuanaco empire are carved in Rupac, the stone ceilings and the geometry that resembles chullpa bear witness to it.

Rupac is a walled citadel that reaches 10 meters (32 feet) high and its massive ceiling made out of huge stone slabs which surface is adorned by diverse vegetation, give these buildings the appearance that they have rose from the depths of the earth and leave in our mind the image of what this fabulous place might have been on its time.

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