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Machu Picchu is not only a world wonder, it is also a miracle of nature, and the hands that built it transformed it in a symbol of the greatness of one of the most fascinating empires of the world.

Balance and harmony on an impossible to miss environment where time seems to vanish in order to avoid light hurting the peace that you can breathe on this forest and humid lands near the Amazon.

All of this would not have been possible if the Salcantay mountain range didn’t exist and the tide of hot air that comes from lower lands looking for the sky beyond the frozen mountain tops.

Impossible to describe in few words what the landscape of Machu Picchu shows the visitor’s eyes.

The nature of an unlimited generosity, its flora has an infinite variety of plants, bushes, trees, flowers and wild animals.

And its orchids present a garden that can transport you to the first days of the creation of the world.

This makes of Machu Picchu a place where the imagination is lost in a thousand speculations and the spirit wanders aimlessly. The energy that most refer to when visiting it comes from the uncontainable force of a space in constant balance between the altitudes of the Vilcabamba mountain range and the atraction of the lower lands, full of mysteries and secrets.

An Inca land that without a doubt hides a thousand secrets to be discovered and invites to everyone who wishes to visit to adventure, mysticism and much more.

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nature - trip peru


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