In the department of Piura you can find Cabo Blanco, it is said that in this place an event took place that until today is remembered with great fear.

It is said that the people that fish at night went on their fishing boats near Cabo Blanco, but they would never come back, only their boats were returned by the waves until they reached shore, but without any sign of any of the poor fishermen; they would mysteriously disappear as if by magic. Every night a little lighted boat would appear, sailed for a while and then disappear in the immensity of the sea.

Once, the wife of one fisherman was very sad and desperate about her husband’s tardiness, when she felt an immense heat all over her body and saw the vivid reflection of the great light of the little boat, then a weal voice said to her: “There will be no more afflictions in this place, but I ask that tomorrow, Saint John’s Day, you throw into the ocean a child that has not been baptized, by midnights, otherwise the men that went out fishing will disappear”. The woman nearly fainted but promised to do so and hence the little boat quickly disappeared.

One of the women, making the greatest of sacrifices, took her little daughter in her arms, the child was already dying and had been given no hope of survival by the doctors, and so with great sorrow she threw her into the ocean. Then, a light made the woman tremble, it was the explosion of the boat, that people say it was a doomed pirate who was trying to save himself by making the fishermen disappear, but only a child without sin could do it, and that’s why it disappeared forever. It is said that during Easter he lurks around those old places at midnight.

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