The Trujillo Gastronomy Festival, called “Passion for food” will be held during July 17th and 18th to commemorate one of the most vigorous cuisines of Peruvian gastronomy, in which Spanish cuisine and Chimu and Moche cultures contributions merge to create dishes worthy of the most exquisite palates, such as “arroz con pato”, “seco de cabrito”, “chinguirito”, among others.

According to the experts, the key of this cuisine is its mixture; there were two big currents, the one that came from the Andes and the one from the coast, exultant in fish and seafood.

Along with the marine products, the people from the coast became experts in the elaboration of dishes with duck, lamb and “espesados”, contributing with their art to prepare the most exquisite stews and casseroles.

The invitation has been handed over; you are the only one missing to complete this festival. Bon appétit!

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