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Lima, the capital of Peru, has become nowadays in the Latin American capital of flavor, a place where all the ingredients this wonderful land has given us have come together with the best of the world cuisine and created a true mixture of flavors.

The history of our gastronomy dates back thousands of years ago, which has been transformed and molded to out the most demanding palates of our people. There’s a reason why Peruvians brag about their gusto for great food.

In Lima we can find the best of regional cuisines and a broad offer of international and fusion cuisine.

The cuisine from Lima is creole because it’s Spanish and also Andean; Moorish from the servants of the commanders and Black from the runaways nostalgia; Oriental from the cheating on the lieutenants; but also Basque, Italian, Thai and even Indian from fusions and learning on a world without frontiers.

We invite you to taste one of the best cuisines on this part of the continent, we assure you won’t regret it.

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best of peru - trip peru

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best of peru - trip peru

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best of peru - trip peru

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best of peru - trip peru

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best of peru - trip peru

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best of peru - trip peru


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