Just like the mountains have their gods, guardians and protectors: the muquis; the Amazonian forests also have their own: the sacha runas, one of these is the chuchallaqui, a short character that can easily move around the forest, of dark color and a head disproportionate for its size; but due to more than this qualities, the Chuchallaqui stands out for a peculiarity on its feet, they are uneven, which is where its Quechua name comes from: chulla = uneven / chaqui = feet.

There’s a wide array of characteristics given to this being, is said that one of its feet is turned backwards, others say that it has the shape of an animal’s paw (tigrillo -mountain lion, otorongo -puma, deer, sajino, huangana).

The chullachaqui was created by the superior spirits that took over the shamans. They being with a human being while they are a child, in order to fulfill the purposes of their creators, wandering around the physical and the spiritual dimension, until being released for sublimation or the will of their creators.

The chullachaqui uses its arts to protect its territory: releases thunders and lightning that scare mean, makes it rain heavily to put down the forest wild fires, warns the izulas and huayrangas (giant wasps which sting causes fever) so that they can attack lumberjacks.

It uses techniques to make people lose their trail and kidnap them, by making trails out of their uneven paw prints on opposite directions, that endlessly come and go, going around in circles, like life and time in the forest, with no beginning and no end. Through metamorphosis they take the form of animals to punish the hunters making them lose their tracks and torturing them deep in the forest.

The chullachaqui also makes its chacra (farm) in the middle of the forest, and while in the middle of the jungle you can hear a hollow thumb of machetes, like somebody was working on the woods, that is the chullachaqui, making its chacra.

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