Cebiche is the name that a variety of dishes that are prepared with fish or seafood. The cebiche is considered Peru’s national dish. This exquisite dish stands out for its special flavor in which fresh fish and lemon come together.

 Its preparation consist of marinating the fish in lemon juice, which is condimented with hot peppers, onions, salt and pepper.

 This typical dish is so versatile that it can be prepared with fish, shrimp, prawns, squid, octopus, among other seafood.

 This delicious plate can be served with different garnishes, that can vary depending on the area of Peru you are at, for example, in the central coast and up north (Lima, Chimbote, Trujillo) the common garnish are the corn, cancha (toasted maze), sweet potato and lettuce leaves, further north (Piura and Chiclayo)  usually garnish with chifles (sliced and fried plantains) and zarandaja (a type of bean), among other garnishes that make cebiche a dish that makes all flavors of Peru come together.

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