Discover the wonders of Ecuador

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We’ll start with our northern neighbor: Ecuador. Even though it’s a small country it still has an incredible diversity of fauna and flora as well as different ecosystems that can cater to everyone’s needs. Ecuador has three major geographical areas: coast, highlands and jungle, plus the Galapagos Islands. This means that you can enjoy the […]


Visiting Quito in Ecuador

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Quito is the first site to be named Cultural World Heritage by UNESCO and it’s located at 2850 meters (9350 ft.) above sea level, giving you an amazing view of the Andean landscapes. The city itself has many cultural and historical sites to be enjoyed such as the San Francisco convent, and La Compañia church, […]


Visiting the Galapagos Islands

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The Galapagos Islands are a true paradise for nature loving travelers as they offer them the chance to find one of a kind flora and fauna. The most popular are the giant tortoises that joined Charles Darwin, and the blue footed boobies, as the unusual color of their feet catches everyone’s attention, but of course […]


2013 Dakar Rally

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The Dakar rally will celebrate its 35th edition this 2013, and for the fifth time it will be held in South America. The rally will start on January 5th in Lima, Peru and will end on January 20th in Santiago, Chile. This rally was born in 1977 in Europe, after Thierry Sabine got lost in […]

ayahuasca ritual

The Ayahuasca Ritual

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The Ayahuasca, also called “vine of the dead” is a plant considered sacred by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon and has been used in shamanic ceremonies for thousands of years, because of its healing powers in body, mind and soul, which has garnered the attention of researchers all over the world and has inspired […]

Cusco - Cuesta de Santa ana

Cusco at Night

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Just like in every great tourist destination in the world, Cusco never sleeps and lives its night intensely. When the day ends, the pubs, bars and clubs awaken and are willing to entertain to anyone who is open to have a good time. One night at the Imperial City of Cusco can include pan flutes […]