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Peruvian Gastronomy

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Between Junin and Ayacucho in Peru the most traditional Andean cuisine can be found, the one made in clay and fire that we inherited from the Incas and that it has barely mixed with some contributions from the conquistadors. As you travel in Peru, across the central highlands the food is simple and reminds us […]

Peruvian Gastronomy - Trip Peru

The Peruvian Gastronomy Boom

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It’s been a great year for Peruvian gastronomy, between the various initiatives for its promotion and acknowledgement as one of the many unique experiences that Peru can offer to the world. Among them we can highlight Mistura, a gastronomical fair; the World Travel Award for Lead Culinary Destination of South America , the awarded documentary […]

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Restaurants in Lima

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Visiting the small place of Javier Wong is a unique and moving experience. The door is always closed, there’s no sign and no menu of the day, inside is the kingdom of the “lenguado” (sole). He cooks with his heart and his head, that’s why he never repeats the same dish, even if he’s been […]


Peru’s typical dishes

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One of the best gastronomical expressions of Peru can be found up north, among the departments of La Libertad and Piura, whose locals have learned to combined the goods from both the sea and the land. The adventure in front of the sea starts with the powerful cebiches, tortilla de raya (sting gray omelet) or […]

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Gastronomy from the north of Peru

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Beyond the gold and the splendor of the great Inca cultures, the astonishing adobe pyramids and the legions of caballitos de totora (reed boats) thrown into the ocean, the true treasure of the ancient Moche, Lambayeque and Chimu rulers was their food. The sole invention fo the zapallo loche (indigenous squash) is more valuable than […]