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Atun Irca Native

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On the Cayacata mountain, which rises west of the Yupan town, a long time ago a native family lived, mother, father and two children. On this desolated site water was scarce, and so to find it dwellers had to walk around 2 kilometers, until reaching the neighboring mountain called Creston. Near the center of this […]

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AI APAEC, The Beheader

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When you travel to Peru, you will hear the story about Ai Apaec or Aia Paec, the terrible god of the Mochicas (200-800 AC), who thirsty for blood, demanded human sacrifices. The Cie-quich and the Alaec offered to him young warriors at the beautiful temples known as the Huaca de la Luna (Moon Temple), Huaca […]

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The Enchanted Lagoon

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Somewhere in Cañete there is a small lagoon with warm waters that no one can take a dip in, because a strange animal emerges from the middle of it and starts swirling around, foaming and then, from afar, you can hear a war drums. This lagoon is surrounded by mountains and can be found, most […]

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The Enchanted Mountain

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  On a small town in Cañete, Peru, called Boca del Rio, there’s a mountain bathed by the ocean and in it, it is said by the local townspeople, that there is an enchanted princess that lives chained and that on full moon nights, when fishermen take out their boats can clearly hear her bells […]

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Tombs and Heroes

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Two of the most emblematic museums in Lambayeque, Peru own their birth to the same number of tombs, and they were discovered twenty years apart in the guts on the Moche pyramids of Huaca Rajada in Sipan. We are talking about the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum and the brand new Huaca Rajada Site Museum, […]