If you plan to visit the jungle then it is recommended that you get vaccinated for yellow fever at least 10 days prior to your visit.

Places in Lima you can get vaccinated:

Jorge Chavez International Airport – 2nd Floor

Phone: (01) 575 1745

Hours: Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day.

International Vaccination Center

Calle Capac Yupanqui 1400, Lima

Phone: (01) 471 9920, ext. 1215

Hours: Monday to Friday from 08.00am until 06.00pm.


Hand to the migratory authorities your international embark and disembark card, given to the visitor on the plane or at the migration post on the frontier area you entered the country from). Keep it since this card should be handed in when you leave the country. In  case you lose it you will have to pay a penalty fee of 12 soles (USD  4.20 aprox.).

The customs authorities will give you a format for you to declare all good subject to tax payment, if this is not the case, indicate you got nothing to declare. Exonerated from any taxes are: clothing and personal use articles, personal computers and implements for adventure sports.


It is forbidden to photograph airports, military bases, areas nearby high tension towers and police stations. In some churches, cathedrals and museums taking photographs is or video recording is forbidden. Inform yourself beforehand.


–        Drink bottled water or previously boiled water only.

–        Be careful with raw vegetables and fruits

–        Altitude sickness (soroche) can be avoided by resting the day of your arrival to the highlands and having light meals. It is recommended for you to drink mate de coca (coca tea)

–        If you travel to the highlands or the jungle make sure to bring bug repellent and a raincoat or rain poncho.

–        For medical assistance contact the local staff of the place you are staying at or your travel agent.

–        If you wish to purchase travel insurance, contact your preferred travel agency.

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