The Ayahuasca, also called “vine of the dead” is a plant considered sacred by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon and has been used in shamanic ceremonies for thousands of years, because of its healing powers in body, mind and soul, which has garnered the attention of researchers all over the world and has inspired studies regarding its medicinal properties. 

The ritual of the Ayahuasca is an ancient tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation, and which has taught shamans from the collection of ingredients, the preparation of the brew, the use of the “mapacho” (Amazonian tobacco), as well as the traditional chants that joined those who are part of this ceremony. It is just one of the many demonstrations of traditional knowledge and the merging between man and nature, the mystic relationship that indigenous tribes develop with the Amazonian forest. 

To be part of the Ayahuasca ceremony can have various effects in a person; this is why when we speak of Ayahuasca the word “purification” comes to mind as this plant has purgatory effects when consumed. Moreover, those who have drank the brew also experience regressions to situations that caused them pain or some sort of trauma, almost forcing them to explore what hurts them and why, helping them reevaluate their situation and have a better understanding of themselves. Ayahuasca is also considered a spiritual experience because it “opens the eyes” and provides participants with a new perspective and deeper connection with nature. 

Being part of a ritual of this kind is without a doubt an intense experience given its medicinal properties and the diverse effects it can have in a person. It is common to have the initial impression that Ayahuasca is nothing more than a hallucinogenic plant but its healing powers go far beyond that, no wonder is considered sacred and is so revered in the Amazonian jungle. The bond that it helps create with the mysterious Amazonian jungle and its ability to heal mind and soul make it a unique and very exciting experience for those interested in seeing up close and discovering more of the wisdom of the jungle. 

The Peruvian jungle, in particular Iquitos is the ideal place to be part of this wonderful experience. Venture to explore the secrets the Amazon hides. You won’t regret it!

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