When you travel to Peru, you will hear the story about Ai Apaec or Aia Paec, the terrible god of the Mochicas (200-800 AC), who thirsty for blood, demanded human sacrifices.

The Cie-quich and the Alaec offered to him young warriors at the beautiful temples known as the Huaca de la Luna (Moon Temple), Huaca El Brujo (The Witch Temple), Huaca Pañanmarca and Huaca Rajada.

The most famous image of this Mochica god was discovered in 1990 by the Peruvian archeologist, Daniel Morales, at Huaca de la Luna in Trujillo – Peru. On this image you can see that it has human like features, a feline mouth, and waves surrounding its head.

Ai Apaec was represented in various forms, changing with time and space and the handicrafts in which it was represented.

In metal it was represented as a spider, with eight legs and a human-like face with jaguar fangs.

In ceramics it resembles a human figure even more, usually depicting a head on its hand and in some occasions a couple of snakes emerge from its head.

In sculptures it can be seen holding a staff in human form and a severe expression on its face and always showing its feline fangs.

It was adored as the creator god and protector of the Moche world, the provider of water, food and every triumph in warfare.

You can witness all of these amazing representations of Ai Apaec at the different museums and huacas in Trujillo and all over the northern coast when you travel to Peru.

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