It is fascinating to travel along the rivers, “cochas” and streams, catch and release piranhas or walk along a canopy on the tree tops of the new Amazon Natural Park private conservation area.

The Amazonian rainforest, seen from the water for three days and night, makes us feel less vulnerable to insects and reptiles but equally close to dolphins, “ronsocos”, monkeys, toucans, “anujes”, iguanas, butterflies and multicolored birds that never stop singing.

A light water craft with an outboard motor attached to the cruise takes us daily expeditions, one more amazing than the last.

Peru is a huge country, in which you can cruise along for days and nights without even leaving the region. When there’s a full moon, it reflects imposingly across the river water, and there isn’t one, millions of stars will join us on one of the most romantic journeys of our lives.

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