The Rainbow Mountain in Peru

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In the region of Cusco, Ausangate is the fifth highest mountain in Peru and is considered the most important mountain of the Andean worldview.
The road to Ausangate is one of the most amazing experiences you can have, enjoy the scenery, be accompanied by native birds and animals along the way is only a part of all that this great opportunity offered. Five days and four nights where you can find yourself, where you will receive protection and wisdom of what was once sacred to our culture, five days and four nights definitely change your life.

Since the first Italian expedition, led by Piero Ghiglione in 1950 laid eyes on the “Apu Ausangate” there have been many who have tried unsuccessfully to conquer its summit; we can enjoy is “the Way of Apu Ausangate” where our lives changed completely, giving us a new perspective on everything around us and that we take for granted, ready for the adventure ?, Is better than you imagine.

A walk for those trails is an special experience, combining the fact of being such heights with the enjoyment of outdoor activity and contemplation of a visual wonder.
If you have the opportunity to travel to Peru, we invite you to not miss this wonderful place, we are waiting for you.
This amazing place only exists in two places in the world.