Peru Tours: Puerto Maldonado the tropical forest in Peru

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Puerto Maldonado the tropical forest - Trip Peru

The city of Puerto Maldonado is the capital of Madre de Dios department, ready to get into a trip full of emotion and discovery.

Founded on July 10, 1902,the city was named after the explorer Faustino Maldonado sailed Madre de Dios river until it joins Tambopata river.

Puerto Maldonado is located in the joint between Tambopata and Madre de Dios River, features a delay in economical advance because of the lack of mass media. The population, mostly natives from jungle tribes, is devoted to natural resources extraction, wood, fruits, gold, etc. with scarce production media.

However, the difficult conditions of life in this area have permitted to maintain one of the most virginal landscapes around the world, having parks and natural reserves with Amazon forests, unique in the world.

It is the best destiny, for ecology lovers, and to people who look for adventure in paradise places, lots of green areas, where you can find many animals, that only exist in these jungles.

Puerto Maldonado, is only a transit place to start the entrance through the river, in the Manu National Park or Candamo Tambopata Reserve.

   Altitude and Weather

  • Altitude: 256 meters above sea level.
  • Weather: Tropical, warm and humid.
  • Temperature: From 95 to 70°F and 35 to 22°C approx.
  • Raining season: From December to March. Sometimes in the year.

   Typical Dishes and Drinks

The most typical dishes and drinks are:

  • Juanes: Rice with palillo and pieces of hen covered with bijao leaves.
  • Inchicapi, hen soup with rice and almonds.
  • Timbuche, fish soup, with green banana and sacha cilantro (similar to cilantro).
  • Stewed deer, with rice and green banana.
  • Tacacho con cecina, roasted banana or fried, mashed with dry beef.
  • Roasted picuro, jungle rabbit with a delicious beef cooked with charcoal.
  • Carachama soup, fishsoup called carachama, with banana and cilantro.

Typical drinks:

  • Cocona beverage, typical fruit from the area.
  • Masato, cooked yucca beverage, mashed and fermented with sweet potato or sugar.
  • Aguajina beverage, delicious beverage made with aguaje, fruit that comes from a typical palm of the area.
  • Pihuayo beverage, beverage made of another typical plant.
  • Chapo, beverage made of banana and sugar.


  • July 12, Puerto Maldonado Anniversary. Celebrations for the city foundation include social, cultural and civil acts.

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