Museums of Lima

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Museums of Lima - Trip Peru

Lima has a a wide variety of museums that allows visitors to gain an undestanding of the history of the city, and of the Peruvian and Andean cultures as a whole.

Some of them are located in different churches, civil buldings and former private residences, such as the Cathedral, the Church Monastery of St Francis, the Monastery of the Descalzos, the Real Felipe Fortress, the Riva Aguero House, etc.

All of them display primarily works of art from the colonial period.

Of the museums themselves, including public as well as private institutions, the National Museum of Archaeology, Antropology and History of Peru is specially noteworthy. This museum includes objects from the different Peruvian civilizations: Paracas blankets, Nazca pottery, the Chavin stela, as well as gold and silver jewerly from the ChimĂș, Huari and Inca periods.

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