The Treasure of the Andes

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There is no doubt that Peru is the birthplace of the potato, in Huancahuasi,Tarma produces more than half of the seed potatoes planted throughout Peru.

The potatoes crops in the area are numerous as well as various. In Cascas heigths one of the annexes to the district, are prduced dozens of native varieties planted in sidewalks ,using traditional chaquitajklla, avoiding as many crops in the use of agrochemicals.

In 1650 spains were in Peru, when it started to become linked to neighbor and best known town center, Acobamba.

The harvest season lasts from January until May, when the streets are congested with the arrival of trucks.

In Huancahuasi,  potatoes have name and last names, we have Tomasa, but for huasahuasinos this variety is known as Tomasa Tito Condemayta, this potato variety is the product of grafting potato with Mariva Chata Blanca.

In late May, when arrive other visitors, the coming and going of trucks is replaced by the comings and goings of thousands of travelers who have discovered here a pleasant for experiential tourism. At the same time, appropriate for some sports practices .

The enormous variety of ecological zones not only offers natural conditions for growing a huge variety of potatoes , also helps for vertiginous descent on two wheels.

We invite you to visit this wonderful place.