Peruvian Gastronomy

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Peruvian Gastronomy - trip peru
Peruvian Gastronomy

Between Junin and Ayacucho in Peru the most traditional Andean cuisine can be found, the one made in clay and fire that we inherited from the Incas and that it has barely mixed with some contributions from the conquistadors.

As you travel in Peru, across the central highlands the food is simple and reminds us how men in altitude have a strong relationship with the land from the very beginning.

A variety of soups and “chupes” (similar to a soup but has milk), as well as many dishes made with beef, pork and lamb are the main and privileged characters of the cuisine from ancient Peru.

Here potatoes, lima beans, maize, “mote” and “ocas” are ingredients always present, not only on dinner tables but on over the ponchos that are laid on the ground during harvest season.

The high grounds of Junin are the kingdom of the “maca”, a small root known for its powerful properties as a fortifier.

In Ayacucho we can find delicious Pachamancas that combine tender meats with native potatoes fresh picked, lima beans bursting from their pods and fresh corn.

This is also the land of the “Puca Picante”, the “kapchi”, the “mondongo” o the chorizo, food that’s simple but filling, natural and healthy, and framed in one of the most beautiful places in Peru.

You can try all of these delicious dishes, fresh produce and uncover the secrets and simplicity of the central highlands cuisine when you travel to Peru.

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