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Two of the most emblematic museums in Lambayeque, Peru own their birth to the same number of tombs, and they were discovered twenty years apart in the guts on the Moche pyramids of Huaca Rajada in Sipan.

We are talking about the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum and the brand new Huaca Rajada Site Museum, on the Sipan town.

The first tomb shed light on the now famous Lord of Sipan. The finding of his funeral offerings was in 1987 and was compared by the prestigious National Geographic Society with the discovery of Tutankamon’s tomb, and signified the birth of the now blooming nor-oriental circuit of Peru.

The second tomb was discovered twenty years later in 2007, and surprised archeologists because the character that deserved this funerary honor was none other than the so called Owl Man, an enigmatic character that help put together the puzzled that the sophisticated Moche iconography presented.

The first tomb of the Lord of Sipan is the crown jewel of the astounding Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum located in the city of Lambayeque; this is one of the very few museums in the world designed like such and one of the most modern in America. Its design resembles the huaca or funerary Moche pyramid and it had even followed the pattern of the actual entryways: visitors enter the museum after climbing up a ramp similar to the ones found in the huacas, to continue ascending to the different enclosures in the museums. On its different galleries are exhibited not only the Lord of Sipan, but also the fine pieces found in twelve other tombs successively discovered in Huaca Rajada, among which the Old Lord of Sipan and the Priest stand out; without a doubt a place you cannot afford to miss when visiting Peru.

Source: Sumaq magazine

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