Machu Picchu Tours – Accomodations in the imperial city of Cuzco

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Machu Picchu Tours - trip peru

Due to the great amount of visitors, the amount of hotels in Cusco is great and their quality is very diverse.

A lot of these establishments have been implemented in colonial houses, with wide and beautiful gardens, that captivate the visitor with their beautiful cultural and architectonic legacy.

The main hotels have shops where you can find beautiful handicraft and jewelry made with Peruvian silver.

The best hotels in Cusco have a great variety of additional services that give an added value to their stay, such as facilities to temporarily store luggage, especially for those excursionists that venture out of the city for many days, or free transportation to and from the airport.

If what you are looking for is some adventure, Cusco has a great supply of hostels for young tourists or backpackers for very low prices, we recommend to stay near the Cusco Main Square so that you can get the best out of this wonderful city.

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