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If you intend to visit Miraflores, one of the most lively districts of Lima due to travelers, a great starting point is the Ovalo (roundabout), usually the gathering place of many generations of “limeños” (Lima locals) due to its proximity to great cafes and restaurants and the well groomed Kennedy Park, that brings together painters, bands, folklore, among others.

If what you are looking for is some fun, then you should head to the Diagonal avenue, that crosses the San Ramon Passage, commonly known as “Calle de las Pizzas”(Pizza Street), its numerous pizzerias, clubs and pubs make it the youth gathering place  to have fun, meet new people, drink and dance.

Miraflores has a variety of cafes, clubs, bars and entertainment places for every taste and budget. There’s no way of getting bored here and there’s always interesting alternative for a laidback afternoon or a fun filled evening.

On the other hand, if you wish to go shopping, we recommend starting at Larco Avenue and surrounding areas, in which there’s a great variety of shops, boutiques, bookstores and which ends on the pier, where one of the most exclusive malls in the city is located: Larcomar.

This is also a perfect place to enjoy the tasty and exquisite food, there are emblematic places such as the “Rosa Nautica” (Nautical Rose) restaurant, a reference point every traveler should visit.

Source: Peru Guide Magazine

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