Peru Travel – Barranco

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From its very beginnings Barranco was a superbly attractive neighborhood for the middle class Lima beachgoers and foreigners in general, who in their majority built great ranches and “casonas”, emulating European styles.

This district is known for its bohemian appeal, culture and great Peruvian writers from the beginnings of the 20th century, who wrote a great part of the national literature history.

Even today, Barranco hasn’t lost its characteristic ambient of artistic renovation, keeping and interesting cultural circuit that offers rock concert, troubadour or Creole music, book presentations, artisan fairs and contra cultural alternatives that are hard to find anywhere else in the capital.

A must see spot is the “Puente de los Suspiros” (the bridge of sighs), internationally known thanks to the song called “Flor de la Canela” (cinnamon flower) from the composer Chabuca Granda. It was built in 1876 to connect the riversides of the La Ermita and Ayacucho streets. Tradition tells that those who see the bridge for the first time and crosses while holding their breath will be granted one wish.

It was built out of wood over a natural valley in the middle of bushy trees, which is the perfect prelude to a declaration of love.

Barranco, there’s no doubt about it, is the bohemian district by excellence, ideal for strolling, this part of the city has numerous restaurants where you can taste the diverse Peruvian gastronomy.

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