Legends Peru – The Aya Uma

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Aya-Uma, trip peru

On one of our trips through Peru, exactly on the Cajamarca province, we were told this story. It is said that once at midnight, a man was walking on a trail, taking along a little lamb and sent the characteristic sound of the Aya Uma, and then he saw a long and full haired woman’s head appear out of nowhere.

The head took a jump and caught onto the man’s neck, he was terrified and begged the head to let him go, but since it wouldn’t move, he got an idea and offered some beautiful apples to the Aya Uma if it would let go of him so that he could climb the tree and get them, when the Aya Uma agreed the man climbed the tree with his lamb and from the tree said to the head: “Since I’m free from you, I will run away””, and as he said this he let the lamb go to the ground and it jumped and run away in fear.

The Aya Uma thought it was the man running away and went after it, and then the man was finally free to go on his way.

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