The White Dune

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dune - trip peru

In one of our trips through Peru, we found this wonderful legend of the Peruvian coast, and so it goes:

On the Sechura district, about 12 miles from the town, there’s an immense dune in which the sand is so white that it’s simply called White Dune. It is quite high and no one can climb it as it is said that it’s bewitched.

Shepherds that live around the area say that they can always hear a small drum being played, but had never been able to figure out who plays it.

It is said that in the middle of the dune there’s coral and gold objects, which is why people want to climb it, but the few that have tried immediately start to sink and so they desist.

It is said that two men that were around the place got lost along the way, all of a sudden they saw a river and rejoiced, while running towards it. When they finally reached it, they made their horses drink and filled their canteens.

When they woke up, they realized that what they fought was a river has actually a dune and their canteens were filled with sand instead of water.

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