The Runapuma

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The story tells that in ancient times there were evil warlocks that made pacts even with the demons of the jungle. They were powerful wrong-doers and in their yearn for having more and more power they would reach the state of having to drink blood and eat human flesh. Of course, these warlocks lived deep in the jungle and more often than not alone. They dominated the secrets to transform into Runapuma, when they were hungry. They would summon through magical power chants asking for strength to the mountain demons and then they would turn into beautiful jaguars, hungry and completely black. They would attach their victims without caring if they were armed or with other people. They were fearless, unafraid of anything and anyone because they felt protected. Once their appetite was satisfied they turned back into almost normal human beings.

This is the reason why it is believed that the black jaguars or yanapumas are messengers from the beyond or powerful warlocks capable of morphing into human shape and even curse from afar. These black otorongos are feared because of this.