The Black Alligator

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black alligator - trip peru

It’s the most know alligator of the Amazon and the biggest, too, in some cases reaching 8 meters (26 feet) long.

This is an species extremely voracious and aggressive, which is why a series of myths and legends have surged around it on which certain supernatural powers have been attributed to them, this species is greatly appreciated by shamans and healing men in the jungle of Peru.

Some chroniclers tell about bloody confrontations between a jaguar and a black alligator such as this one: “On a confrontation between this two wonderful animals, the alligator gives hard wags with its tail and attempts to take it to the water, while the tiger presses its paws with extreme force onto the alligators throat, forcing it to the ground. Even while trapped, the hits of the alligator’s tail are to be feared. At the end, the tiger defeats it, opening the white belly of the alligator with its claws”.

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