Peru’s typical dishes

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One of the best gastronomical expressions of Peru can be found up north, among the departments of La Libertad and Piura, whose locals have learned to combined the goods from both the sea and the land.

The adventure in front of the sea starts with the powerful cebiches, tortilla de raya (sting gray omelet) or chinguiritos (a cebiche made with dried guitarra fish). Then you can follow with sudados (a type of fish stew), cangrejos reventados (crab based dish), parihuela (a type of fish soup) and fried rices that challenge the guest’s palate.

If you go further north, to the warm lands of Piura, you will find the kind picanteras of Catacaos, a living exhibition of the gastronomical history of the north.

Here you should try the chicha de poto (fermented drink), the algarrobina cocktail, floriado, rompope (a type of punch), the yupisin (a kind of regional drink), and the diamantina, a punch said to be able to revive the dead.

Piura is also land of the extremely fresh prawns, soft yuccas from Morrope, seafood from Bayovar, mangos from Sullana, cabrito de leche (kid) fed only with sweet algarroba and cebiches that maintain the quintessence of the northern flavor.

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