Gastronomy from the north of Peru

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Beyond the gold and the splendor of the great Inca cultures, the astonishing adobe pyramids and the legions of caballitos de totora (reed boats) thrown into the ocean, the true treasure of the ancient Moche, Lambayeque and Chimu rulers was their food.

The sole invention fo the zapallo loche (indigenous squash) is more valuable than all of Sipan’s gold, its chicha de jora (maze juice) freshly poured from the chombas (typical type of barrel) on the hot sands of Piura, is more precious that any of the walls in Chan Chan.

The truth is that the cuisine of the North of Peru is next to the one from Arequipa, the most important on a regional level in Peru. There you will find delicious dishes  like cabrito con frejoles (lamb and beans), a potent majarisco (smashed plantains with seafood) or a mero (type of fish) freshly pulled from the warm water.

If you visit the Northern Peru you cannot miss one of the greatest gastronomical expressions that Peru has to offer. Bon appetit.

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