The Moche Museum

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A few minutes from the Huaca de la Luna (Moon Temple) you can find one of the place that caught the attention in Trujillo this year, we are talking about to the Huacas de Moche site museum. An space dedicated to show the conservation and study of the elements of this ancient culture, that added to the Huaca del Sol (Sun Temple) and the Huaca de la Luna (Moon Temple), becomes part of the scientific, artistic and traditional activities that can be developed in the area and that nowadays constitute part of the Trujillan pride. Full of architectonic details from the Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna and a platform of cubic projection; that’s how the first area welcomes us, destined to show the elements that constitute the Moche cosmovision. The second area reveals itself through a corridor and offers us a piece of the characters that inhabited the huacas (temples) and the ceremonies on which they participated. Without a doubt a fascinating place that contains mystic and culture, a place worth visiting.